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Graphic Design Courses

Fall 2016

GRPH 428 / Capstone Exhibition
This mandatory course is the culmination of the developed practices for students graduating with a BA or BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Extended research opportunities, peer and professional collaboration, and critical thinking development will allow students the opportunity to develop and produce a body of work related to the visual and written documentation initiated in Design Studio I for presentation in the Capstone exhibition. Students will develop advanced comprehension of problem solving skills required to actively participate in professional environment. The course will also provide opportunity to work collaboratively on various exercises, research opportunities, and evaluation of working processes, to develop portfolio, resume and self-promotional skills suited for professional practices. Through research presentations, discussions and demonstrations by the professor and invited guests, students will learn strategies that will develop a body of work reflective of the particular needs expected in order to be successful within the graphic design field. Meaning through form is emphasized while students continue to build on experience of working with tools, materials, and methods of a professional graphic designer.

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