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Curriculum Vitae

Social Design Publication


Creative + Scholarly Activity

[Social Design]

Design + Social Change

Walls Turned Sideways:
Artists Confront the Justice System

Revolution Times: Underground Newspapers
from the 60s and 70s

Design + Social Justice Symposium

Revolutionary Grain:
Portraits and Stories of the Black Panther Party
/ Oakland African American History Museum

Radical Underground Newspapers from
the Counterculture of the 1960's and 70's

Prairie Pines / Nature Preserve

SFMOMA / San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Off Site Exhibition / Field Guide

San Francisco Recreation & Park Department

Harvey Milk Center for the Arts

UP: SF Urban Prototyping / Highlights

Point of No Return / Like

Generosity City

Black Dot Project

Pink Dot Experiment


Commissioned Design Projects

SF Warrior's Arena Prospectus

Lars Müller Publishers

SFMOMA / Lynn Kirby Retrospective

Deeper Shades of Soul

Trisha Brown Retrospective

Stephen Burrow’s World

Peralta Community College

Earth From Above

Denver Victim’s Assistance

Art Miami / Art Asia-Hong Kong