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Curriculum Vitae

Social Design Publication



Creative + Scholarly Activity

[Social Design]

From Presidents to Protests: Leadership and Change
in the United States // UHON 395H (Politcal Science)

DEGROWTH // Cosmological Gardens: Cultivating and
Composting Histories / Unrealities

"No Horizon is Too Far"
E.N. Thompson Forum Panel: Meat, Meet, Mete

PUBLICation Design // English 355 / Making it Public.

Meat, Meet, Mete
Visualizing Crisis: Food, Water, and Biopolitics

Promoting Ethics Across Disciplines

Building Books / Socially Engaged Design?

Design / Foundations / SSAHD
Interpreting Visual Grammar

Text in the Periphery / MACAA Panel

Building Books / Making it Public 03

Building Books / Social Change

Creative Commons: Living Activism

Amplify and Multiply:
Recent Activist Ephemera

Participation + Ecovention

Front End FemFest 2017
The Grid + Visual Structure

WONDER How Marketing Works?
Junk food, advertising and kids
PE 8120: Current Topics in
Weight Management / UNO

A Survey of History of Design + Social Change

The World Through Wonder

Typography + Photography: Building Books

Crafting Stories About Water
and the City~
Trandisciplinary Design Collaboration for Social Impact,
and Pedogogical Methods










CCA / Thesis

New Media / Time, Space, Sound